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Don’t speak Japanese? No need to worry!

We will explain the content of contract in English and Chinese. Therefore you will be able to have better understanding of unfamiliar Japanese rules of living before moving in.


Carrying out total support service for foreign clients from moving in to moving out.

If you are a foreigner and unfamiliar with life in Japan, don’t worry.

Our staff will support you even after moving in such as translating the contract, setting of the Internet, gas, water, electricity and any other support you need for life in Japan


Experienced professionals of real estate will support in English and Chinese.

Well experienced specialists of real estate brokerage will support finding room in English and Chinese.


Suitable for overseas students and freelancers!!

We can find rooms for overseas students and freelancers too. Let us know even if you don’t have any guarantor.

UR Apartments

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NO key money
NO renewal fee
NO agent fee
NO guarantor

UR, or Urban Renaissance Agency, is an independent administrative corporation formed by the Japanese National Government. There are around 730,000 UR apartments in all parts of Japan, providing comfortable residence for people of all ages. Ideal for long-term stay.

JKK Tokyo Apartments

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NO key money
NO agent fee
NO renewal fee

JKK Tokyo, or Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation is a special corporation fully funded by Tokyo metropolitan government. JKK Tokyo manage and provide more than 70,000 of fine rental housings for citizen of Tokyo. Ideal for long-term stay.

Private Apartments

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The professional of real estate will find the best house from the wide range of choices based on your request.



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